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Project Description
Scavenger aims to be a leading opensource download manager that supports multiple protocols, is easy to use, multi-featured and cross-platform.


Features and Roadmap
  • WinForms GUI.
  • Support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols.
  • Pause and Resume downloads.
  • Resume broken downloads.
  • Schedule downloads.
  • Specify a Proxy Server.
  • Verify downloads using SHA256/MD5/Other
  • Automated builds
  • Bandwidth Meter
  • Support for Bittorrent protocol (TODO)
  • Video download from youtube (TODO)
  • Browser Integration (TODO)
  • Support for multiple languages (TODO)
  • BITS Integration (Windows) (TODO)
  • Antivirus Integration (TODO)
  • Scavenge books (MAYBE)
  • Scavenge FOSS (MAYBE)
  • Scavenge Wikipedia (MAYBE)
  • Linux interface using GTK#, etc. (MAYBE)
  • Inter-Scavenger chat feature (MAYBE)

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